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  • Kateryna Markova
    torsdag 9 juni 2022 klokken 16.20
    • Analysis & benchmarking.

    The first step is analysing your CR and comparing it to benchmarks. Shopify provides a clear report that shows how many users completed the intended action. So, what’s considered an average conversion rate? According to, research in June 2019 showed that: The average mobile conversion rate for Shopify store owners is 0.9% A mobile conversion rate of over 2.2% would mean a store is within the top 20% of all Shopify stores. The average desktop conversion rate for Shopify store owners is 1.4% A desktop conversion rate of over 3.1% would mean a store is within 20% of all Shopify stores. According to Econsultancy: “Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.” This next tip is crucial if you are in that average or below average section.

    • Focus on mobile.

    Some years ago, people used mobile devices to browse and desktop devices to shop. That trend is changing as more and more companies invest in mobile experiences. A Forrester Research report reveals that by 2021, mobile devices alone will influence $1.4 trillion in local retail sales. It is no longer enough to develop an online store for desktop, and hope it works well on mobile. Consumers want to be able to complete the purchase process on their mobile devices.


    Read the full article here: Fourmeta's Guide on Shopify Store Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Asya Postyan
    lørdag 7 mai 2022 klokken 10.13

    美国有很多学院和大学开设cs作业代写专业,但每年都有很多学生申请计算机科学。因此,美国计算机专业的申请成为工程应用领域最具竞争力的专业。在申请时,中国学生通常倾向于申请美国计算机科学百强学校。考虑到毕业后的就业情况,更多的applicant喜欢选择加州、德克萨斯州、五大湖和别的地区的学校。CS是system地探讨information与计算的理论base以及怎么在计算机系统中实现和应用实际技术computer专业包含挺多分支领域和practice学科,有些是高度抽象的,例如computational complexity理论;有的是强调真实世界的视觉应用,例如计算机图形学;有些是专注于怎样实现计算,例如编程language理论等。CS的students使用编程language解决计算问题,研究人机交互使得计算机更加有好的为人所用。

  • John Downe
    onsdag 6 april 2022 klokken 23.21

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  • Frederick Gragg
    tirsdag 15 februar 2022 klokken 7.31

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  • Asya Postyan
    tirsdag 18 januar 2022 klokken 14.55

    Hi! I don't want to take responsibility for what others say, but that these guys really do their job faithfully, there is no doubt!

  • Boston Mitchell
    mandag 15 november 2021 klokken 16.10

    Flott takk!

  • John Downe
    onsdag 11 august 2021 klokken 15.25

    Whether you’re majoring in nursing, business, engineering, management, social, actuarial or life sciences GradeMiners provide the best custom essays for all academic levels in all subjects and areas of research and study.

  • Vanessa Stoun
    onsdag 21 april 2021 klokken 11.36

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  • John Smith
    torsdag 25 februar 2021 klokken 4.38
  • Tony Cantu
    onsdag 24 februar 2021 klokken 18.31

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  • Joe Emma
    tirsdag 19 januar 2021 klokken 16.04

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  • Tony Cantu
    tirsdag 19 januar 2021 klokken 3.41

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  • Ron Blade
    søndag 19 april 2020 klokken 11.56

     Nowadays everyone is looking for essay writing service because there are lots of responsibilities on the student shoulders. Different people have different opinions, so I think this is a pretty subjective question.

     For me, the most reliable and trustworthy ones are 99Papers and EssayBox. These websites are quite popular among students from the US and have a lot of positive reviews. I had a couple of essays and research papers written by these services and I got good value for money.

    There are quite lot of decent essay & thesis writing services on the web, and this is the reason why it’s hard to choose just one. And every website, no matter how good it is, will always have some negative reviews as it is absolutely impossible to satisfy everyone.

    Most of the writing services I used simply failed to deliver passable papers. Some of the essays were blatantly ripped off from the internet, while most of them had ridiculous grammar errors.

    However, some of the websites turned out to be completely reliable. These are the websites that I used and continue to use for my papers. Both companies are quite popular and reliable.

    • 99Papers. Writers at 99Papers are qualified and skilled enough to help you with almost any academic assignment. Whatever the subject or deadline, their people are always there for you, ready to help you with your paper. Here you get guaranteed results with your assignment.

    An excellent experience. The delivery was super quick along with best quality, my essay was written according to the topic and each point was valid. Also the support staff is too good. They quickly helped me when I wanted to confirm if my order was placed or not. Moreover, they corrected a typographical error when I mentioned it. Overall it was the best experience so far, highly recommended!

    • EssayBox. Writers at EssayBox are qualified in diverse fields of study and hold Ph.D. degrees in fields they write for. It doesn’t matter if you need a research paper, an essay, a term paper, a dissertation, a thesis paper, or just a personal statement, they can handle virtually any academic task you ask them to write for you. Their customer support team works 24/7 and is always there to help you with any issue.

    You can chat with your expert whenever you need an update or want changes made. They put you in charge so that the final solution is exactly what you're looking for.

    Whatever the subject or deadline, their people are always there for you. By enlisting their help, you get guaranteed results with your assignment. That's because they know what it takes to ensure your project is a success.

    No matter what essay writing service you will choose, make sure to read reviews before giving away your money. Not allessay writing services are reliable, so don’t just fall for deceptive advertising.



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