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    onsdag 25 mars 2020 klokken 10.12

    Do you plan a dream journey in  Tibet? How do you prepare for this dream? If you dream to explore the natural beauty of Tibet and Tibetan food, you should plan today.

    To enter Tibet from Beijing, you have 2 options. Which do you prefer, by plane or train?

    about Bejing to Tibet train,As early as July 2006, Beijing Lhasa Railway (Z21) has become one of the three earliest railways in Qinghai-Tibet railway, and the other two main lines are from Chengdu to Lhasa, Xining to Lhasa. The trains from Beijing to Lhasa are 3757 kilometers long, across 8 provinces. There are 10 stations between the Beijing West Railway Station and the Lhasa railway station. The train from Beijing to Lhasa stops averages about 11 minutes per station. And it takes three days or about 41 hours on the whole train journey. It will give you an unforgettable experience in a lifetime.

    The average elevation from Beijing to Lhasa is 3379 meters above sea level, especially after Xining (2295 meters), the train gradually will rise to the highest point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway- the Tanggula Mountain Pass (5072 meters). You can enjoy the Gobi desert, snow-capped mountains, and the Tanggula Mountain, vast grasslands and other beautiful scenery along with Qinghai-Tibet railway. Here's the route,

    A good Tibet tour will take you to throw a land full of mysterious culture during the planning and exploration of the Tibet tour, packed with an unforgettable memory. Great Tibet Tour helps you Searching for your perfect Tibet tour. We Provide amazing tours in Tibet and best tour operator in Tibet at a reasonable price.

    more info: where is Lhasa


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