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  • Shirley Hill
    Tuesday 28 June 2022 at 5:38

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  • Tai Tai
    Tuesday 28 June 2022 at 4:43
    Product Type: Double arm jib crane
    Lifting Capacity: 0.5 -2 ton, 20 t
    Span: As request
    Lifting Height: 3- 6m
    Working Class: A3 A4
    Ambient Temperature: -25~40℃

    Floor mounted double arm jib cranes - one floor mounted column & double rotating arms - doubles your hoisting efficiently & lowers jib crane price & cost.

    The double arm jib crane is an excellent type of lifting equipment for a variety of overhead material handling operation. It includes two jib arms, allowing for a broader working area, greater loading capacity, and increased productivity. The double arm jib crane is ideal for frequent and quick lifting. This type of dual-arm jib crane is particularly popular in the crane industry since it has more arms, a compact frame, and durable materials.

    Yuantai Crane, one of China's most dependable and professional jib crane manufacturers, offers top-of-the-line jib cranes at factory prices. Purchase our material handling cranes to make lifting easy!

    BZ Type Double arm Jib Crane with truss girderBZ type double arm Jib crane with truss girder
    • Lifting Loading:0.5-2 t
    • Working Class:A3 A4
    • Lifting Height:3-8m
    • Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
    • Customized Service Is Available
    Double Arm Jib Crane with cantilever girderDouble arm jib crane with cantilever girder
    • Lifting Loading:0.5-20t
    • Working Class:A3 A4
    • Lifting Height:3-8m
    • Ambient Temperature: -20-40℃
    • Customized Service Is Available

    Wide application of double arm jib crane

    In the hoisting sector, the double arm jib crane has a good reputation. It is widely used for loading, unloading, and moving goods or loads in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automobile manufacturing, logistics, machinery processing, warehouses, mold production, industrial and mining companies, and railway engineering.

    Because our company designs and manufactures customized jib cranes for your applications according to stringent national standards and associated international requirements, we provide types of double arm jib cranes with strong adaption.

    Customers can select the most appropriate material handling jib crane for their material handling tasks from our company's bespoke service. Small jib cranes, such as 1 ton jib cranes and 3 ton jib cranes, are ideal for light lifting operations, while heavy duty jib cranes, such as 10 ton jib cranes and 20 ton jib cranes, are ideal for massive loading. Yuantai Crane also offers complete safety protection measures to ensure safety and extend the life of the floor jib crane.

    The benefits of dual-arm jib crane

    Many clients prefer a dual-arm jib crane because of its numerous benefits.

    • This type of floor jib crane can be either light or heavy duty in terms of loading capacity. At the same time, two jib arms can lift material. Our company makes floor mounted cranes from of strong and durable materials that can lift a variety of loads.
    • The working area of a two-arm jib crane is larger than that of a single-arm jib crane. Furthermore, the electric hoist can be equipped with two arms. To expand the operation area, the arms rotate and the hoist can move along the cantilever.
    • Two arms can be operated at the same time, allowing them to lift more material, conserve more energy, and boost productivity.

    Types of double arm jib cranes

    Floor mounted double arm jib crane Floor mounted double arm jib crane
    Column mounted double arm jib cranes Column mounted double arm jib cranes


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