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  • Tai Tai
    tirsdag 28 juni 2022 klokken 4.17

    On the night of October 14, we received bridge crane inquiry message on Alibaba from Cyprus customer.

    “Crane traveling length 22m”
    “I want total price for the crane bridge to Cyprus Limassol port”
    “Power supply as you describe. Span 5.80m. Lifting height 6m. 2ton. Complete system with the bridge. No bus bar and rail please.”
    “Shipping cost also to Limassol port Cyprus.”

    Bridge crane requirements:

    • Lifting capacity: 2 ton
    • Span: 5.80m
    • Lifting height: 6m
    • Voltage: 380/3/50

    So, the requirements of electric hoist matched with crane is:

    • Lifting capacity: 2 ton
    • Lifting height: 6m
    • Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3Phase
    • Control: Pendant control

    The customer’s needs are very clear. So, we designed the bridge crane according his requirements and sent him the detailed overhead crane quotation. We equipped with CD type electric wire rope hoist for the 2ton single girder bridge crane.

    He replied in the email that he would arrange the shipping with Mr. Nissos that contact earlier with us, it would be very helpful if we can tell him the package measures (length, height, width and weight). And he preferred not a pendant control but remote control. We suggested the crane and hoist equipped with pendant and remote control at the same time. The crane can be controlled by either, which is more convenient. The customer agreed with our proposal.

    The customer’s friend Mr. Costas also sent us email about this crane inquiry. Mr. Costas have purchased our electric hoists twice. He is very satisfied with our hoist products and recommends us to customer.

    “Thanks for your quick reply. Tell me please how will continue with the order and the details” the customer replied in the email.

    We sent PI to him, and customer made the payment immediately. One day later, the customer sent email to us, said that he wants the span to be 5.65 instead of 5.80, and the interior of the factory is limited in height, so he also wants the marked height to be 400 instead of 490.

    We checked with our engineers, and changed the production drawing to meet the customers’ needs. The customer is very satisfied.

    The electric hoist and crane were finished production on December 5 and were delivered to the customer. We look forward to the customer’s use effect and feedback after installing the bridge crane.


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