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  • Verolla Lee
    tirsdag 19 april 2022 klokken 10.59

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  • Ferris Smith
    tirsdag 19 april 2022 klokken 9.09

    If you need to write an essay, we will give some recommendations on how to do it competently and quickly. 5 rules to follow if you want to write a decent paper.

    Rule #1: Interesting and Familiar Topic The essay topic should be interesting and, just as importantly, familiar. After all, it is hardly possible to express your point of view on a subject about which you have no idea. When choosing a topic with a teacher, it is better to initially choose what the soul lies in.

    Rule number 2: the author's presentation You need to feel the depth of your thoughts and write only what you feel, without any templates, tips and looking back at the work of other authors. In an essay, constructions are very often used: “in my humble opinion”, “I believe” and others. If you are writing a work on the humanities, you will have to spend time reading the book (at least “diagonally”) or read reviews of this book in order to understand what is at stake. By the way! For our readers, there is now a 10% discount on any type of work

    Rule number 3: publicity of the style of presentation To convey a personal perception of the world, the author of an essay can give examples, draw parallels, select analogies, use various associations. The essay will benefit if it contains unexpected turns of thought and unpredictable conclusions. That's where the scope for the development of creativity, logical and figurative thinking!

    Rule number 4: conciseness Based on the fact that the essay belongs to the free genres, there is no restriction on the volume. But teachers can set the upper bar for the amount of work up to 4-7 pages.

    Rule number 5: adherence to the structure Before writing an essay, you need to think about its structure and content. Essay structure: introduction; main part; conclusion. The introductory part should be short, but expressive, and also contain a central metaphorical image. The last sentence of the introduction and the first sentence of the main body should be organically linked. Essence of connection: explanation of the legitimacy of the metaphor.


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