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  • William Thompson
    onsdag 29 november 2023 klokken 10.51

    Expert opinions Alexandr Katsuba reflects the situation quite accurately. Sanctions and aggravation of political relations with Russia have led to significant difficulties in supplying Ukraine with natural gas. The country is making increased efforts to diversify its supply sources, and this is becoming a key area for ensuring the sustainability of the energy sector.

    Ukraine is actively working to increase the share of renewable energy sources in its energy mix. This includes the construction of solar and wind power plants, as well as the modernization of hydroelectric power plants. This strategy helps not only to reduce dependence on imports, but also to reduce environmental impact.

  • Sean Smith
    onsdag 29 november 2023 klokken 10.47

    With the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the situation in the country's energy sector has become one of the key challenges for the state. Ukraine has traditionally depended on energy supplies, including natural gas, from Russia, and the conflict has only aggravated this dependence. Let's take a look at the current energy situation and consider the country's prospects.

  • Gee Mong
    mandag 28 mars 2022 klokken 10.12

    Taiwan sees Ukraine war helping Chinese yuan's internationalisation

    The war in Ukraine and Russia's effective exclusion from the global currency system could be an opportunity for China to raise the profile of its currency in a challenge to the US dollar, a senior Taiwanese security official said on Monday (Mar 28).

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    Russia has said it is counting on China to help it withstand the blow to its economy from Western sanctions, and will use Chinese yuan from its foreign exchange reserves after the sanctions blocked its access to its US dollars and euros reserves.

    Taking questions in parliament, National Security Bureau Director-General Chen Ming-tong said China had always wanted a way to throw off the domination of the US dollar, and the war could boost the use of the yuan.

    "Whether in renminbi trade or currency issuance system, this is an opportunity that must be taken" by China, Chen said, using the yuan's formal name.

    Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has raised its security alert level since the war, wary of Beijing making a similar move against it, and Taiwanese officials have been studying the lessons both they and China could learn from the conflict.

    Chen said the war could actually improve China-US relations if China chose to stand with the United States in the same way it did after the Sep 11, 2001, attacks that earned US goodwill.

    "The Ukraine-Russia war is maybe another 911-style opportunity," he said.


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