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    lørdag 18 desember 2021 klokken 4.21

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    onsdag 1 desember 2021 klokken 11.34

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  • Verolla Lee
    fredag 24 september 2021 klokken 13.45

    Once my sister, the person closest to me, shared with me that she is bisexual. There was no limit to surprise, but there was nothing to be done, it was her choice. She communicates on the site with boys and girls. She loves this dating site, says the best she has ever sat on.

  • Ferris Smith
    fredag 24 september 2021 klokken 7.42

    By the way, society is much more tolerant of representatives of the fair sex who have non-traditional sexual preferences than to men. There are cases when such women do not hide their hobbies from others. They don't expect to get understanding, they just want to look natural. Being able to express feelings is very important. Especially when you are different from others in some way. Bisexuality in women is often temporary. For example, disappointed in men, a lady decides to try to get in touch with a friend. She just wants to feel some kind of support from the outside, to feel needed and significant. Such a need can be satisfied by having an unconventional romance.

    Is bisexuality the norm
    A controversial issue that haunts many people. The causes of bisexuality have not yet been studied and are poorly covered. Many people try to figure out on their own why they have certain feelings. Here you need to rely on your own feelings. If you really feel good with a person of the same sex, it doesn't really matter who your partner is – a man or a woman.

    It is much more important to achieve internal mutual understanding, the ability to take responsibility for each step taken. One can argue for a long time about whether bisexuality is the norm or not, but scientific research can give a certain idea in this difficult issue.

    The theory of Sigmund Freud
    The great psychologist believed that bisexuality is the norm in the case when a person is able to be aware of what is happening to him. If a person does not harm others, then he is able to take responsibility for what is happening. Being the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud created a wonderful monograph "Essays on the psychology of sexuality". In this work, he examines the main causes and manifestations of non-traditional preferences in the intimate plan. The psychologist emphasized that everyone has the right to their own choice and showed what a huge influence on the formation of individuality can have a previous experience of intimate interaction. For example, if a woman is constantly faced with disappointments, she may subconsciously decide not to get involved with men anymore. In the course of the study, he compares the bisexuality of organisms of different species. It turns out that even representatives of the animal world have manifestations of non-traditional preferences. Some individuals, obeying an invisible instinct, do not participate in reproduction. In addition, such a "choice" sometimes changes throughout life in a completely opposite direction.

    Opinion of experts
    Today, most professionals do not consider bisexuality a deviation and a serious problem. Psychologists are regularly approached by people who experience ambivalent feelings: they want to live in harmony with their nature, but at the same time they are afraid of the condemnation of society. Their main phrase sounds something like this: "I am bi, what should I do?". The task of a specialist is to help such a person find himself, determine his main values. Sometimes it is quite difficult to clarify the general situation. People come to the reception scared that something is wrong with them. Most people are not ready to change their usual way of life, to go through a coming-out just because such an unusual feeling for a representative of their own sex has settled in their soul. According to experts, such individuals need timely support, and it would be wrong to refuse them help.

    How to accept your bisexuality
    The question is very important here: does a person want to do this? Many people become much more comfortable living with their hidden desires, rather than trying to fix something. Accordingly, the individual makes the choice that is convenient for him personally. It is impossible to force someone else to give up something, to forcibly impose their position on him. The bisexuality of husbands cannot but worry wives. After all, there is a high probability that at some point a person will simply leave the family. When asking how to accept your unconventional preferences, you should remember about the freedom of choice. A person should not adjust himself, squeezing into a narrow framework just because another person wants it. You need to understand what you really want. Such an understanding cannot come in one day, but is, as a rule, the result of a lot of work on yourself. In most cases, people by the age of thirty are determined with their orientation and accept it. After all, it is very important to be in harmony with your inner essence.


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