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  • Ferris Smith
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    A family crisis is a stressful situation in the relationships of close people, when the usual, measured rhythm of life breaks down due to the excessive demands of one of the family members, and it is often impossible to cope with the disagreements that have arisen without the help of a specialist.

    Psychologists are sure that the crises of family life are a natural phenomenon in the union of two lovers. However, it is necessary to be able to overcome the "mood swings" that appear at different life stages of family functioning, each of them has its own specifics. This will only contribute to the development and strengthening of the marriage union.

    The psychology of family crises considers two types of circumstances that seriously affect the relationships of close people. The first disrupt the normal life of the family and can lead it to collapse. The second allows you to eliminate the negative aspects of life and strengthen marriage, allow you to bring the union of a man and a woman to a new higher level. The reasons for difficult situations are most often difficulties of a domestic nature. However, there are many others that can cause a family crisis.

    Let's look at this in more detail:

    Age crisis. A husband or wife is experiencing a psychological breakdown associated with the reassessment of their own values, which change with age. At this time, I want to change myself and my family life.
    The crisis of family development. It is associated with certain stages of family life, when children appear and care for them. Nursery, school, adolescence, further study, etc.
    Loss of work. If one of the spouses is left without earnings, this affects the psychological atmosphere in the family. Constant scandals can even lead to divorce.
    Bad relations with relatives. It often happens that the newlyweds live under the same roof with the parents of their husband or wife, often such cohabitation leads to a conflict of generations, this negatively affects the relations in a young family.
    Change in the financial situation. Let's say that the wife began to earn much more than her husband. For false reasons, he began to feel that he was not the head of the family, this leads to a conflict.
    Moving to a new place of residence. It is often forced, because it is associated with difficult family circumstances, and this is a stressful situation that requires urgent resolution.
    A serious chronic illness of someone close to you. Special explanations here, I think, are not necessary. Constant care for the patient, a joyless daily situation does not have a positive communication.
    The birth of a defective child. You will have to live with this for all the years. Not every family is able to survive such a difficult situation without mutual accusations, a serious family crisis is evident here.
    Unequal position in the family. For example, a woman is engaged in children and housekeeping, and her husband always reproaches that he supports her.
    One of the spouses gives a lot of time to work. Let's say the wife reproaches her husband for coming late, and even suspects of treason, and his excuses are just a distraction.
    Lack of support at the psychoemotional level. When the small joys or sorrows of one are perceived coldly by another, they say, " yes, you'll think there, nothing special!", this is fraught with complications in the family up to a relationship crisis.
    Early marriage. Not every young family is able to overcome the everyday problems that have fallen on them, it can come to a divorce.
    Different views and interests. They seemed to have come together for love, and after a while it turned out that they were completely different people, there was nothing in common in their views on life. A crisis of relations in this case is inevitable.

    The main signs of family crises

    If the spouses are deaf to each other on an emotional level — this is already a crisis situation. Psychologists say that the vast majority of couples complain of difficulties in communication. Before this main "trigger" of the "showdowns" beginning in the family, all the others seem not so significant, although this is far from the case. They should be treated with all seriousness. There are quite a lot of signs indicating the beginning of a family crisis, when the relationship between the spouses begins to cool down.

    A characteristic manifestation of a family crisis can be:

    The couple stopped seeing each other as the only unique person. The routine was delayed — the monotony and monotony of family life, there was a quick habituation, "such (such) as everyone", common interests disappeared.
    Lost interest in intimacy. The ordinary fruit is boring. Although the reasons may be different, a specialist's consultation is needed here.
    There is no general opinion. On most issues (parenting, finances, relationships with relatives and friends, etc.), there are disagreements up to quarrels.
    Unwillingness to give in to another. When everything that he (she) says and does is perceived with irritation, causes disagreement, I want to contradict. "This is wrong, you need to do this!";
    Emotional coldness. There is no special desire to talk, to trust each other with their feelings and thoughts.
    Too smooth relationships or eternal scandals. The dictate of one of the spouses, most often a man, when no one dares to contradict him, creates the appearance of a successful family, in fact, this is a crisis situation. The opposite is the constant scandals that shake the family foundations.
    Unwillingness to understand each other. If there is a conflict situation, no one wants to give in, listen to the arguments of the other.
    Shouting as a defensive reaction in an argument. This is a sign of the weakness of the arguments of one of the spouses, it is worth thinking about it and not bringing the situation to a serious quarrel.
    Decisions in the family are made only by one of the spouses. There is a serious psychological problem in the relationship, which, if it is not resolved in time, can lead to a family crisis.
    There is no separation of family responsibilities. If the spouses do not really understand who is responsible for what, conflicts often arise. This state of affairs is typical for newlyweds, it does not strengthen, but weakens the family.


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