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  • Mikael Olausson
    mandag 17 juni 2019 klokken 20.10

    According to the contact page of the Norwegian Orinteering Federation is the person responsible for web: Ivar Haugen (source: I guess he can point you in the right direction.

  • Jackie McCavana
    mandag 15 april 2019 klokken 0.36

    How do I contact the support team of Eventor? The club administrator for our club has a registered email which no longer exists. 

    The instructions warn against having a club registering twice or the club will be removed. Funny enough this might actually solve the problem for us. But best would be if the support team could just change the email address.

    The 'contact the suport crew' link should be removed if it just brings you  back up page to FAQ's.

    thanks Jackie


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