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  • Alan Weber
    søndag 19 september 2021 klokken 17.42

    My wife had these problems when she was pregnant, too. We went to our doctor, but we didn't get any treatment either. The doctor prescribed pills that did not help my wife. Then I found the website which describes many of the symptoms and now I read it periodically. 

  • Peter Weigel
    søndag 19 september 2021 klokken 14.27

    I am very sorry that you have had this situation and that your wife is suffering from such pain. But unfortunately I can't help you as I am not a doctor and have never dealt with it. But you can see a doctor who can help you.

  • Ted Reddit
    fredag 17 september 2021 klokken 15.28

    My wife is pregnant and she suffers a lot from heartburn. It literally makes her miserable every day. What can I do for my wife to help her through such a difficult time?


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