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    In our heteronormative world, it is difficult to understand that you have thoughts about having sex with a person of your own sex or that you do not experience sexual attraction, but only romantic. Gender identity issues are not discussed in the classroom, and even adults have disputes about consent to sex. Heroine decided to answer some of the most popular questions about what is gender, gender, whether sex with a girl is considered cheating on your boyfriend and why everyone needs to openly talk about their preferences.

    Gender identity is exactly how a person feels: a man, a woman, a combination of these two genders, or something else. Gender and gender do not necessarily coincide, and this is due to biological features - chromosomes, organs and hormonal status. The gender of a person is determined by an obstetrician, and the gender of a person determines for himself.

    Cisgender is a term used to describe a person whose gender identity coincides with the gender that was assigned to him at birth.

    Trans is a general term that includes everyone who believes that his gender does not correspond to his gender. Transgenderism has nothing to do with sexual preferences.

    Non-binarity is a gender identity that describes those who do not identify themselves exclusively as a man or a woman. A non-binary person can consider himself both a man and a woman, or, on the contrary, neither one way nor another.

    Agender is a term used to describe those who do not identify with any gender or do not want to use gender labels at all.

    How many orientations are there in total?

    Sexual orientation describes someone's emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction to another person or group of people. It does not say anything about the types of sex, preferences or the presence of certain organs - only an idea of which circle of people attracts a particular person.

    Heterosexuality is an orientation in which a person experiences physical, emotional and sexual attraction to people whose gender differs from his own.

    Homosexuality is an orientation that describes a person who identifies as a man or a woman who is attracted to people of their own sex.

    Queer is a sexual orientation that describes a person whose feelings of emotional, romantic or sexual attraction do not fit into predefined categories.

    Asexuality is a sexual orientation that describes a person who does not experience sexual attraction or desire for other people, but may experience romantic attraction.

    Pansexuality is a sexual orientation used to describe a person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to people regardless of their gender or gender

    Who is more, heterosexual or homosexual people?

    It is difficult to find out for sure, but you should know that this figure of homosexual people ranges from 5 to 10% of the total population. If you are going to ride in a subway car, in which 50 people will sit with you, then at least three of them will be LGBT persons. Calculations of LGBT people are most often carried out by direct polling, and although this is logical, because a person identifies himself, these figures are influenced by general stigma and fear of admitting his orientation. Anonymous surveys show much more than 10%.


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