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Official results for O-karusell 5

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Name: O-karusell 5
Organiser: Verdal OK
Date: Wednesday 15 August 2018

Classes: Show all | råtass | c25 | c25tid | a4 | a6


14 starting competitors
Johannes BergVerdal OKcompleted
Signe BergVerdal OKcompleted
Ovid Baglo BjørkengVerdal OKcompleted
Liam HamlandVerdal OKcompleted
Noah HamlandVerdal OKcompleted
Simon IversenVerdal OKcompleted
Jacob Storm KulsliVerdal OKcompleted
Jakob LandeVerdal OKcompleted
Marius MusumVerdal OKcompleted
Albert NessVerdal OKcompleted
Magnus PedersenVerdal OKcompleted
Even Ydse SivertsenVerdal OKcompleted
Edvard Skoknes WollVerdal OKcompleted
Sverre Ivar HåskjollVerdal OKdisqualified

C 2,5

20 starting competitors
1Aleksander Tanem IversenVerdal OK14:58
2Mathea Baglo BjørkengVerdal OK16:38+1:40
3Anne Eline Vehus SkjerveVerdal OK17:49+2:51
4Fredrikke Baglo BjørkengVerdal OK18:13+3:15
5Filip Mitchell IversenVerdal OK18:53+3:55
6Sivert Gudding BarliVerdal OK18:55+3:57
7Lars GrindbergVerdal OK19:25+4:27
8Kari MelbyVerdal OK22:19+7:21
9Edvard Konradsen SætherVerdal OK23:36+8:38
10Ludvik GrindbergVerdal OK25:35+10:37
11Olav Gjedrem LundVerdal OK26:12+11:14
12William Mitchell IversenVerdal OK28:28+13:30
13Torstein Gjedrem LundVerdal OK29:40+14:42
14Martine HallenVerdal OK30:29+15:31
15Ingrid Tanem Verdal OK30:33+15:35
16Mona Elisabeth Gjedrem LundVerdal OK30:51+15:53
17Aurora HaugenVerdal OK32:25+17:27
18Elias TømmeråsVerdal OK32:56+17:58
19Ulrik HaugenVerdal OK37:38+22:40
20Kristian MidthjellVerdal OK38:06+23:08

C 2,5 uten tid

1 starting competitor
Arne OkkenhaugVerdal OKcompleted

A 4

5 starting competitors
1Karl Arne MelbyeVerdal OK45:30
2Gunhild BredesenVerdal OK53:55+8:25
3Jon Marius Vaag IversenVerdal OK56:14+10:44
4Sverre KristoffersenVerdal OK1:08:22+22:52
Iver Gjedrem LundVerdal OKdisqualified

A 6

10 starting competitors
1Fredrik Vehus SkjerveVerdal OK37:25
2Martin Vehus SkjerveVerdal OK37:37+0:12
3Anton BjartnesVerdal OK37:52+0:27
4Vidar SkjerveVerdal OK47:38+10:13
5Einar LundVerdal OK48:47+11:22
6Tor Ove HallemVerdal OK57:29+20:04
7Marius EnesVerdal OK57:31+20:06
8Inge HafstadVerdal OK1:04:02+26:37
9Lars Børre HallemVerdal OK1:04:45+27:20
10Kjell LundsaunetVerdal OK1:04:51+27:26

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