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Competitors entered to Vestfold 2-dagers, Dag 2 (flyttet fra 25.03)

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Name: Vestfold 2-dagers, Dag 2 (flyttet fra 25.03)
Organiser: Larvik OK
Date: Sunday 8 April 2018

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IL Tyrving (18)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Hasse BergstrømIL TyrvingH 70-214919
Eileen BjanesIL TyrvingD 13-14210911
Vida Helland-HansenIL TyrvingD 13-14217061
Eivind HoffIL TyrvingH 55-221325
Geir HoffIL TyrvingH 45-401113
Tore HoffIL TyrvingH 50-502468
Iris HolstIL TyrvingD 15-16181925
Eirik JørgensenIL TyrvingH 45-211243
Mina JørgensenIL TyrvingD 17-20200361
Styrk Hundseid KamsvågIL TyrvingH 21-199496
Are KristiansenIL TyrvingH 50-502380
Are NjåsteinIL TyrvingH 55-206550
Marianne NjåsteinIL TyrvingD 50-221144
Nora SkauenIL TyrvingD 45-182125
Ådne SkjærsteinIL TyrvingH 15-16502428
Synne SkjærsteinIL TyrvingD 17-20502453
Katrine SolbakkenIL TyrvingC-├ąpen217553
Kristine SolbakkenIL TyrvingD 13-14211334


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