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Competitors entered to Harry Lagerts Nattcup 2018 Bonus

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Name: Harry Lagerts Nattcup 2018 Bonus
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Date: Wednesday 3 October 2018

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Oppsal Orientering (19)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Tor Andreas AndersenOppsal OrienteringB - Ola506917
Christoffer ÅnensenOppsal OrienteringR - Rekrutt207718
Kari-Ann ÅnensenOppsal OrienteringK - Kari207827
Olav Johannes DeelstraOppsal OrienteringA - Legendar503256
Eskil KolshusOppsal OrienteringC - Lokal217701
Kristine KolshusOppsal OrienteringR - Rekrutt506820
Arne KongsnesOppsal OrienteringR - Rekrutt500563
Ane Sofie KroghOppsal OrienteringK - Kari504480
Ask OlaussenOppsal OrienteringC - Lokal231284
Sondre OlaussenOppsal OrienteringC - Lokal225060
Kristoffer Fiane PedersenOppsal OrienteringB - Ola208696
Ludvig RødnesOppsal OrienteringB - Ola507034
Sigurd RødnesOppsal OrienteringC - Lokal506918
Andreas SævigOppsal OrienteringB - Ola507094
Bent Erik SkaugOppsal OrienteringB - Ola192707
William Resvoll SkaugOppsal OrienteringB - Ola209966
Sveinung SyversenOppsal OrienteringB - Ola502233
Frida van MegenOppsal OrienteringR - Rekrutt239183
Espen WigaardOppsal OrienteringB - Ola502092


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