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Competitors entered to Pinseløpet, dag 2, med Junior Norgescup Langdistanse

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Name: Pinseløpet, dag 2, med Junior Norgescup Langdistanse
Organiser: Kongsberg OL
Date: Sunday 20 May 2018

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Larvik OK (22)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Andrine Harriet FremstadLarvik OKD 17-20 E3646528, 186862
Asgeir FremstadLarvik OKH 45-216667
Maren Sofie FremstadLarvik OKD 11-12212562
Rolf GjølbergLarvik OKH 70-221255
Per Olav GulbrandsenLarvik OKH 50-204203
Ida Sofie HjortlandLarvik OKD 15-16209884
Kristin HjortlandLarvik OKD 17-B217250
Ole Edvard HjortlandLarvik OKH 50-209885
Kristian Kaupang LyeLarvik OKH 11-12217755
Line Kaupang LyeLarvik OKD 17-N224347
Gerd LangsethLarvik OKD 70-216681
Henrik Kaupang LyeLarvik OKH 13-14212147
Torstein LyeLarvik OKH 17-B502033
Randi Kristin NærumLarvik OKD 65-180802
Inge RingheimLarvik OKH 17-B205549
Iril RingheimLarvik OKD 13-14180714
Iver RingheimLarvik OKH 15-16195549
Ingrid UndstadLarvik OKD 45-204302
Erik ZagarLarvik OKH 13-14212309
Mie ZagarLarvik OKD 17-B217726
Per Henrik ZagarLarvik OKH 40-217736
Pernille ZagarLarvik OKD 11-12212310


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