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Competitors entered to Pinseløpet, dag 2, med Junior Norgescup Langdistanse

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Name: Pinseløpet, dag 2, med Junior Norgescup Langdistanse
Organiser: Kongsberg OL
Date: Sunday 20 May 2018

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Heming Orientering (34)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Hanna Eckhardt AndersenHeming OrienteringD 15-16216924
Jennifer Jones ArnesenHeming OrienteringDirekte C411521
Kimme ArnesenHeming OrienteringDirekte A-Lang84024
Lukas Jones ArnesenHeming OrienteringH 11-12180054
Maya Jones ArnesenHeming OrienteringD 15-16171152
Ella BerstadHeming OrienteringD 15-16237773
Anders FlågenHeming OrienteringH 50-154241
Ann Elin FlågenHeming OrienteringD 45-187127
Bjørn Anders FlågenHeming OrienteringH 17-20E209873, 3398658
Ida Marie FlågenHeming OrienteringD 15-16196903
Jon C. FougnerHeming OrienteringH 75-501326
Kasper Harlem FosserHeming OrienteringH 17-20E195708, 3946514
Sofie Skyttersæter IversenHeming OrienteringD 17-20 E192628, 3885118
Johan JebsenHeming OrienteringH 45-204665
Malene Teresia JebsenHeming OrienteringD 15-16204667
Dagrun MelkildHeming OrienteringD 55-197758
Anna Øvrebø MyrvoldHeming OrienteringD 11-12213647
Sigurd Øvrebø MyrvoldHeming OrienteringH -10234332
August Syrdal ØenHeming OrienteringH 15-16501505
Hannah Syrdal ØenHeming OrienteringD 13-14213167
Knut Erling ØenHeming OrienteringH 50-187010
Kristian ØstermannHeming OrienteringH 15-16187042
Anne ØstvoldHeming OrienteringD 13-14197921
Einar ØstvoldHeming OrienteringH 13-14197959
Hanne Marthe ØstvoldHeming OrienteringD 45-197748
Live ØstvoldHeming OrienteringD 15-16181518
Roger ØstvoldHeming OrienteringH 45-195762
Astrid ReuschHeming OrienteringD -10194470
Christian ReuschHeming OrienteringH 45-194449
Fridtjof ReuschHeming OrienteringH 13-14194450
Henrik ReuschHeming OrienteringH 15-16504388
Marianne ReuschHeming OrienteringD 45-194448
Runa SkyttersæterHeming OrienteringD 55-500599
Thor VollsetHeming OrienteringH 17-B216665


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