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Competitors entered to Karusell 4

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Name: Karusell 4
Organiser: Ålgård Orientering
Date: Thursday 31 August 2017

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Ålgård Orientering (27)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Knut Halvor AmdalÅlgård OrienteringGK225585
Jone BreilandÅlgård OrienteringGNY175178
Ola HålandÅlgård OrienteringGNY
Torjus HålandÅlgård OrienteringGNY222566
Oskar KleppaÅlgård OrienteringGNY212667
Stine KleppaÅlgård OrienteringDNY212692
Christopher LundÅlgård OrienteringGK
Anne Lill MælandÅlgård OrienteringJK225529
Marthe Heigre MælandÅlgård OrienteringJK189186
Morten Heigre MælandÅlgård OrienteringGNY189170
Solveig MælandÅlgård OrienteringJK225503
Alexander Maudal SævlandÅlgård OrienteringGK
Andrine Maudal SævlandÅlgård OrienteringJK
Elvira Maudal SævlandÅlgård OrienteringJK225499
Jonathan Maudal SævlandÅlgård OrienteringGK
Terje MichaelsenÅlgård OrienteringGL159688
Lars Sigve OftedalÅlgård OrienteringGL227555
Livar OftedalÅlgård OrienteringGK212199
Maren OftedalÅlgård OrienteringDNY212181
David RønningÅlgård OrienteringGNY225537
Oskar SletvoldÅlgård OrienteringGNY223867
Tobias SletvoldÅlgård OrienteringGK223829
Ada C StokkelandÅlgård OrienteringJK149899
Lea StokkelandÅlgård OrienteringDNY189172
Samuel A StokkelandÅlgård OrienteringGK184384
Sturla StokkelandÅlgård OrienteringGL60595
Tea StokkelandÅlgård OrienteringDNY187110


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