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Competitors entered to Klubbkamp/Ungdomscup - 5, Gramstad

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Name: Klubbkamp/Ungdomscup - 5, Gramstad
Organiser: Sandnes IL (Rogaland)
Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017

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Ganddal IL (39)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Janne Tjørhom AasheimGanddal ILD 15-16187124
Markus Andreas BreivoldGanddal ILH 15-16212938
Norah BreivoldGanddal ILD Ny211689
Pernille BreivoldGanddal ILD Ny213049
Aksel DommersnesGanddal ILH 13-14211842
Øivind FagerlundGanddal ILH Ny211919
Paul Terje HaarrGanddal ILH 60-206899
Per Olav HaarrGanddal ILH 17-59206339
Øivind HansenGanddal ILC-Åpen206195
Fredrik HovstadGanddal ILC-Åpen198081
Pernille HovstadGanddal ILB-Åpen206306
Ingrid LamarkGanddal ILD 15-16174736
Øyvind LamarkGanddal ILH 13-14195846
Trond LamarkGanddal ILH 17-59184425
Vibeke LamarkGanddal ILD 17-59189151
Arve LundeGanddal ILH Ny225356
Ove OalandGanddal ILH 60-216734
Hilde OhrGanddal ILC-Åpen213113
Clemens Sundby ØxnevadGanddal ILH 15-16225547
Marius RøddeGanddal ILC-Åpen211906
Tobias RøddeGanddal ILH 15-16197866
Barbro SandalGanddal ILB-Åpen206194
Fredrik SandalGanddal ILH 17-59501381
Jonas Årvik SandalGanddal ILH 13-14211823
Henning SundbyGanddal ILH 17-59225587
Mariann SveinsvollGanddal ILD 17-59145679
Nora SvendsenGanddal ILD 15-16211917
Kjell SvihusGanddal ILH 60-501674
Anna TaksdalGanddal ILD 11-12188955
Aud Hognestad TaksdalGanddal ILD 17-59174788
Oddvar TaksdalGanddal ILH 17-59501146
Ole Kristian TaksdalGanddal ILH 15-16188960
Ann Karin TjørhomGanddal ILD 17-59216714
Andreas Nybak UrdalGanddal ILH 13-14188800
Ann-Cathrin Nybak UrdalGanddal ILD 17-59188831
Åsmund Lauritz VaalandGanddal ILH 15-16225494
Lars Terje VaalandGanddal ILH 17-59225423
Miriam VaalandGanddal ILD 13-14184653
Anna Alexandra WirowskiGanddal ILB-Åpen212041


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