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Competitors entered to Blåveissprinten

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Name: Blåveissprinten
Organiser: Fredrikstad SK
Date: Saturday 25 March 2017

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Fossum IF (9)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Erlend BakkeFossum IFH 11-12N211772
Harald BakkeFossum IFH 40-89475
Marius BakkeFossum IFH 15-16186911
Erik Hæstad BjørnstadFossum IFH 17-20197833
Oscar Hæstad BjørnstadFossum IFH 17-20197879
Victoria Hæstad BjørnstadFossum IFD 17-20197990
Nils HæstadFossum IFH 50-191375
Einar MelsomFossum IFH 17-20183652
Terje MelsomFossum IFH 50-151139


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