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Competitors entered to TV-Cupen 2017 Race4

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Name: TV-Cupen 2017 Race4
Organisers: Agder O-krets / Kristiansand OK
Date: Saturday 11 February 2017

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Kristiansand OK (15)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Simon Beckmann KristiansenKristiansand OKA-Kort229986
Christian BøenKristiansand OKA-Lang197760
Gro BørteKristiansand OKA-Kort221217
Sebastian DalandKristiansand OKA-Lang181677
Ståle GjelstenKristiansand OKA-Lang184459
Målfrid KonstKristiansand OKA-Kort197878
Geir KristiansenKristiansand OKA-Kort212044
Vetle Elias LynnebakkenKristiansand OKA-Lang195884
Jonas MyhreKristiansand OKA-Kort186097
Trygve Børte NomelandKristiansand OKA-Kort501209
Kristian PyttenKristiansand OKA-Lang221206
David RundeKristiansand OKA-Lang221505
John RundeKristiansand OKA-Lang194509
Brage TakleKristiansand OKA-Kort198046
Håvard WedegeKristiansand OKA-Lang206479


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