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Competitors entered to TA-sprint 4

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Name: TA-sprint 4
Organiser: Frol IL
Date: Thursday 18 May 2017

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

Frol IL (17)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Jonas AlstadFrol ILÅpen 1,5206018
Magnus AlstadFrol ILH 11-12208684
Cathrine BerglundFrol ILÅpen 2,5212677
Leah BerglundFrol ILD 11-12
Maren GrandeFrol ILÅpen 2,5160101
Arne GrevskottFrol ILÅpen 2,5216867
Mari Kilskar GrevskottFrol ILD 15-16186921
Randi JensenFrol ILÅpen 2,5187148
June MunkebyFrol ILD 13-14176160
Linnea MunkebyFrol ILD 13-14195841
Matilde MunkebyFrol ILD 15-16227491
Nikoline MunkebyFrol ILÅpen 1,5195690
Ragne MunkebyFrol ILÅpen 2,5226175
Paul SirumFrol ILÅpen 2,5211470
Lars Sandstad SkjesetFrol ILÅpen 2,5187219
Selma SkjulsvikFrol ILD 11-12212762
Sigurd VatnFrol ILH 13-14187160


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