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Competitors entered to Fjorda O-pen

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Name: Fjorda O-pen
Organiser: Gjø-Vard OL
Date: Saturday 2 July 2016

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Gjø-Vard OL (17)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Sigmund HansenGjø-Vard OLA/B-open212132
Eli Ringstad LienGjø-Vard OLA/B-open179441
Even LienGjø-Vard OLC-open187269
Lars LienGjø-Vard OLA/B-open187270
Øyvind LienGjø-Vard OLA/B-open178166
Ole Edvard SnuggerudGjø-Vard OLA/B-open221392
Øystein SnuggerudGjø-Vard OLA/B-open154047
Sonja SnuggerudGjø-Vard OLC-open204717
Annar Erlien SolerødGjø-Vard OLA/B-open179860
Eiril Erlien SolerødGjø-Vard OLC-open180944
Anna Emilie TorsethGjø-Vard OLA/B-open191111
Espen TorsethGjø-Vard OLA/B-open191068
Sivert Isak TorsethGjø-Vard OLN-open191165
Celine VistedGjø-Vard OLA/B-open212563
Emma Visted-HansenGjø-Vard OLC-open179798
Ole Petter Visted-HansenGjø-Vard OLN-open154276
Ulrikke Visted-HansenGjø-Vard OLN-open213126


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