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Competitors entered to Saltenkarusellen

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Name: Saltenkarusellen
Organiser: Tverlandet IL
Date: Tuesday 24 May 2016

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Tverlandet IL (12)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Martha BertheussenTverlandet IL2 km - C201000
Geir Olav DybvadTverlandet IL2 km - C217792
Elias Aasberg HøybakkmoTverlandet IL2 km - C217892
Noomi Aasberg HøybakkmoTverlandet IL2 km - C201027
Anja LangåsTverlandet IL2 km - C201006
Erik LangåsTverlandet ILNybegynner201021
Ina LangåsTverlandet IL2 km - C201013
Andrea NjållaTverlandet IL2 km - C201092
Jørgen NjållaTverlandet IL2 km - C217802
Endre W NormannTverlandet IL2 km - C
Vilde Wikevand NormannTverlandet IL2 km - C217868
Benjamin August VikenTverlandet IL2 km - C197783


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