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Competitors entered to Treningsløp Vegmuseet

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Name: Treningsløp Vegmuseet
Organiser: Lillehammer OK
Date: Sunday 8 May 2016

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Lillehammer OK (8)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Ingrid JørgensenLillehammer OK1 km N217828
Serine JørgensenLillehammer OK2 km217724
Thomas JørgensenLillehammer OK2 km191312
Birgit Dorthea Kleppa MadslienLillehammer OK2 km217670
Ivar Kleppa MadslienLillehammer OK1 km N217672
Magnhild Kleppa MadslienLillehammer OK1 km N217673
Ole Gunnar Kleppa MadslienLillehammer OK2 km217671
Valborg MadslienLillehammer OK2 km182160


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