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Competitors entered to Sprinttrening Arendal

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Name: Sprinttrening Arendal
Organiser: Kristiansand OK
Date: Sunday 6 March 2016

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Kristiansand OK (12)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Johannes Bakke AashamarKristiansand OKAlle
Marius AurebekkKristiansand OKAlle
Jack BjørnsenKristiansand OKAlle
Sebastian DalandKristiansand OKAlle
Ståle GjelstenKristiansand OKAlle
Ole KostølKristiansand OKAlle
Kristian PyttenKristiansand OKAlle
Marius PyttenKristiansand OKAlle
Torkel ReinhartsenKristiansand OKAlle
David RundeKristiansand OKAlle
John RundeKristiansand OKAlle
Thorbjørn VærpKristiansand OKAlle


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