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Competitors entered to Norsk O-festival lang eliteklasser

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Name: Norsk O-festival lang eliteklasser
Organisers: Sarpsborg OL / Trøsken IL / Varteig OL
Date: Saturday 25 June 2016

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Lillomarka OL (9)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Ellen Marie AriansenLillomarka OLD 17-18 E3709136, 213388
Andrine BenjaminsenLillomarka OLD 21-E170783, 3326493
Ingvild C. FleisjeLillomarka OLD 17-18 E3674363, 183300
Siri KollerudLillomarka OLD 21-E198836, 3598661
Steinar KollerudLillomarka OLH 19-20E3598885, 174825
Alasdair McLeodLillomarka OLH 21-E
Joar OldernesLillomarka OLH 17-18E3568987, 201894
Emma Eithun PaulsenLillomarka OLD 17-18 E3781077, 178188
Matthew SpeakeLillomarka OLH 21-E3618659, 204099


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