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Competitors entered to Rekrutt-trening 2

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Name: Rekrutt-trening 2
Organiser: IK Grane Arendal Orientering
Date: Tuesday 14 April 2015

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18 competitors entered in total.

C-Åpen (12)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Patrik AndressonIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Tomas Ø. BlokkenIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Martin Husby DaslerIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Richards GothardsonsIK Grane Arendal Orientering194888
Benjamin JonesIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Ine MikkelsenIK Grane Arendal Orientering186172
Lise MikkelsenIK Grane Arendal Orientering186171
Amalie RingvollIK Grane Arendal Orientering186967
Maria Rose-BrynIK Grane Arendal Orientering186067
Tommy StålesenIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Tanja StålsenIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Alexander Teigen StølefjellIK Grane Arendal Orientering186065

N-åpen (6)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Henrik JonesIK Grane Arendal Orientering
Silje MikkelsenIK Grane Arendal Orientering193011
Ingrid RingvollIK Grane Arendal Orientering206523
Thea Rose-BrynIK Grane Arendal Orientering186066
Lina Teigen StølefjellIK Grane Arendal Orientering186068
Lukas Klubbenes WeibyIK Grane Arendal Orientering206524


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