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Competitors entered to Postplukkmesterskap Lillomarka OL

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Name: Postplukkmesterskap Lillomarka OL
Organiser: Lillomarka OL
Date: Wednesday 18 September 2019

The entry list is updated every five minutes.

28 competitors entered in total.

Lillomarka OL (28)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Alfred Eckmann AronsenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186203
Casper Eckmann AronsenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle202097
Line Bar-NathanLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186275
Netta Bar-NathanLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186113
Nov Bar-NathanLillomarka OLPostplukk alle233961
Mathias BenjaminsenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186884
Jorunn BlindheimLillomarka OLPostplukk alle212863
Terje BlindheimLillomarka OLPostplukk alle504686
Vebjørn Emil BlindheimLillomarka OLPostplukk alle224431
Håkon BogasonLillomarka OLPostplukk alle201440
Elin BrekkeLillomarka OLPostplukk alle411680
Rasmus D. EastwoodLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186273
Reidunn HallanLillomarka OLPostplukk alle203790
Leon Jørve IngjerLillomarka OLPostplukk alle3661360
Michael Eckmann JensenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle212400
Jon Ivar JuvikLillomarka OLPostplukk alle192393
Sissel Pedersen LundebyLillomarka OLPostplukk alle
Torbjørn LundebyLillomarka OLPostplukk alle233680
Aase MestadLillomarka OLPostplukk alle224288
Beate MoldestadLillomarka OLPostplukk alle509096
Trine OldernesLillomarka OLPostplukk alle3669389
Dorthe Kühl PetersenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle192095
Aurora SpeakeLillomarka OLPostplukk alle
Fredrik SteiwerLillomarka OLPostplukk alle205586
Lars Audun VoldLillomarka OLPostplukk alle187120
Mathias Pedersen VoldLillomarka OLPostplukk alle185832
Boye WangensteenLillomarka OLPostplukk alle212131
Jonathan WoodhouseLillomarka OLPostplukk alle186263


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