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Competitors entered to KOK Sommercup, løp 3

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Name: KOK Sommercup, løp 3
Organiser: Kristiansand OK
Date: Tuesday 9 July 2019

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Kristiansand OK (21)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Simon Beckmann KristiansenKristiansand OKA-lang229986
Jack BjørnsenKristiansand OKA-lang197830
Christiane Ruud BøckmanKristiansand OKA-lang504438
Adriana EikKristiansand OKC-løype222156
Harald EikKristiansand OKA-lang237882
Petter Marki ErichsenKristiansand OKA-lang197823
Ståle GjelstenKristiansand OKA-lang506629
Matias Hodne HanischKristiansand OKA-lang229996
Morten HulløenKristiansand OKA-lang191221
Åshild JohannessenKristiansand OKC-løype
Jakob JohannessenKristiansand OKC-løype213651
Liv JohannessenKristiansand OKNybegynner224326
Vetle Elias LynnebakkenKristiansand OKA-lang503555
Dag MoeKristiansand OKA-kort184578
Roar MyhreKristiansand OKA-lang237895
Svein Knutsson NomelandKristiansand OKA-kort216914
John RundeKristiansand OKA-lang504087
Håvar Birkeland StormoenKristiansand OKA-lang504431
Thea TøråKristiansand OKNybegynner247987
Tobias TøråKristiansand OKNybegynner248089
Boyan YuanKristiansand OKC-løype61053


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