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Competitors entered to Blåveissprinten

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Name: Blåveissprinten
Organiser: Fredrikstad SK
Date: Saturday 30 March 2019

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Nordre Follo Orientering (12)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Knut BjørkeloNordre Follo OrienteringH 50-204600
Anne Marit FærdenNordre Follo OrienteringD 70-187114
Jon FærdenNordre Follo OrienteringH 70-186847
Linda GammelsæterNordre Follo OrienteringD 17-20192116
Håvard HarstadNordre Follo OrienteringH 40-221352
Helene HarstadNordre Follo OrienteringD -10212790
Henrik HarstadNordre Follo OrienteringH 11-12213191
Bjørn NordvikNordre Follo OrienteringDirekte B98665
Sissel OlaisenNordre Follo OrienteringD 70-204601
Veronica Elena SvindsethNordre Follo OrienteringD 17-20224230
Celine YtternesNordre Follo OrienteringD 17-20211801
John YtternesNordre Follo OrienteringH 50-221152


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