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Competitors entered to Sommerløpene i Nord-Østerdal - Mellomdistanse Os

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Name: Sommerløpene i Nord-Østerdal - Mellomdistanse Os
Organiser: Os IL
Date: Saturday 6 July 2019

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Heming Orientering (13)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Anders FlågenHeming OrienteringH 50-154241
Ann Elin FlågenHeming OrienteringD 45-187127
Bjørn Anders FlågenHeming OrienteringH 19-20209873
Ida Marie FlågenHeming OrienteringD 15-16196903
Marit InngjerdingenHeming OrienteringD 45-508141
Anders Næss-UlsethHeming OrienteringH 13-14503659
Annika Næss-UlsethHeming OrienteringD -10192204
Eirik Næss-UlsethHeming OrienteringH 60-217164
Anne ØstvoldHeming OrienteringD 13-14197921
Einar ØstvoldHeming OrienteringH 13-14197959
Hanne Marthe ØstvoldHeming OrienteringDirekte B 197748
Live ØstvoldHeming OrienteringDirekte B 181518
Roger ØstvoldHeming OrienteringH 50-195762


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