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Competitors entered to Torsdagstrening, postplukk

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Name: Torsdagstrening, postplukk
Organiser: Kristiansand OK
Date: Thursday 10 May 2018

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16 competitors entered in total.

A (13)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Marianne AndersenKristiansand OK
Marius AurebekkKristiansand OK
Simon Beckmann KristiansenKristiansand OK
Erlend Odd BergeKristiansand OK
Vegard DanielsenKristiansand OK
Trygve Børte NomelandKristiansand OK
David RundeKristiansand OK
John RundeKristiansand OK
Åsulv Birkeland StormoenKristiansand OK
Håvar Birkeland StormoenKristiansand OK
Brage TakleKristiansand OK
Håvard WedegeKristiansand OK
Christina WhiteSøgne og Songdalen OK

B (3)

NameOrganisationPunching card number
Tina BoothKristiansand OK
Bart VergeylenKristiansand OK
Astrid WhiteSøgne og Songdalen OK


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