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Competitors entered to Fjord-O West 2012

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Name: Fjord-O West 2012
Organisers: IL Gular / Varegg Fleridrett / Voss IL
Date: Wednesday 27 June 2012

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Vikebygd IL (5)

NameOrganisationClassPunching card number
Einar MartinsenVikebygd ILH 45-89734
Einar Marius Hjellestad MartinsenVikebygd ILH 21-97870
Harald SteinslandVikebygd ILH 65-151439
Jon Magne SvendsbøeVikebygd ILH 40-144672
Birgitte TorbjørnsenVikebygd ILD 17-Kort150832


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