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Aktivitet: NIghtHawk and Camp with Lillomarka

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Aktivitet NIghtHawk and Camp with Lillomarka
Arrangør Lillomarka OL

We will make a small NH Camp the days before the big relay weekend.

It will be a very social and exciting weekend both in Oslo and at NightHawk – so please join everyone.


Here is the plan:

Wednesday 2 Aug

22.00 Night training in Oslo area

Thursday 3 Aug        

18.00 Testrace 3000 meter track + social gathering with dinner afterwards

Friday 4 Aug                  

11.00 Departure from Oslo to Hønefoss

13.00 Model Event (training 2 Kilemoen)            

15.00 Check in Comfort Hotel Ringerike

22.00 First mass start NightHawk

Saturday 5 Aug

12.00 First chasing start NightHawk (men/women)

19.00 Buffet dinner in Comfort Hotel

22.00 Night Flash party (18 year restriction) in Comfort Hotel

Sunday 6 Aug

Easy training and departure



Accomodation: We have booked some rooms at the Comfort Hotel Ringerike in Hønefoss from Friday to Sunday.


Foreigners travelling to Oslo will be hosted with Lillomarka friends during the stay in Oslo.


Self-share: Foreigners will not have any self-share this time. But you will have to pay for travel to Oslo, and book the flight yourself.


For Norwegians there will be a NOK 150 self-share per night depending if you sleep over in the Comfort Hotel Ringerike or not.


The Banquet Dinner and NightFlash party have to be paid by those entering for this, full package cost  NOK 349,-


Travel: We travel by cars from Oslo to Hønefoss. Foreigners need to book flight yourself. Then it’s also possible to decide what day you will arrive.


Entry:Please enter before June 22nd. Then we know how many extra teams to enter for NightHawk.

Info: Read all about NightHawk 2017:

Looking forward to seeing you in Norway again

Påmeldingsfrist tirsdag 25 juli 2017 klokken 23:59
Kontaktperson Vidar Benjaminsen
Antall påmeldinger 34


Navn Arrival date to Oslo - please indicate I need hotel room at Comfort Hotel Friday - Saturday NightFlash - I will do the party, and need hotel room also Saturday - Sunday Comment:
Assaf Bar-Nathan Yes No Netta, Line og Assaf kan dele rom
Line Bar-Nathan Yes No Netta, Line og Assaf kan dele rom
Netta Bar-Nathan Yes No Netta, Line og Assaf kan dele rom
Andrine Benjaminsen Yes
Mathias Benjaminsen Yes
Vidar Benjaminsen Yes
Ingrid Blindheim No No
Terje Blindheim No No
Vebjørn Blindheim No No
Stein Blomseth Yes
Jens Johan Brekke No No
Kristian Markhus Brekke No
Kristin Brekke No No
Eskil Brænden No No
Magne Brænden No No Løpe en etappe lørdag formiddag
Oda Marie Colquhoun No No
Arne Dybdahl Wednesday No No
Rasmus D. Eastwood No No
Steinar Eastwood No No
Hallvard Fjær No No Gjerne natt
Eirik Høst Fossgard No No
David Gottfridsson Yes
No Kan løpe både natt og dag. Trwnger hotell hvis jeg løper begge.
Siri Kollerud Yes Yes
Steinar Kollerud Yes No
Robert Merl Wednesday Yes
Nicholas Oskarsson Yes No
Delphine Poirot No No
Maria Rørvik Haver No No
Matthew Speake Yes
Gaute Hallan Steiwer Yes No
Karoline Sønsterudbråten Yes
Elias Skjolden Sørensen No No
Mathias Pedersen Vold No No Lander på Gardermoen ca kl 17.30. Og kommer etter så fort jeg kan.
Jonathan Woodhouse No No


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